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What is School Solver?

School Solver is a site where people can ask homework questions and you can get paid answering them. It seems like an average good tutor can easily make several hundred dollars a month answering questions. Back in 2011 they added quizzes as an automatic way of screening out people who were not good tutors. In 2012 they added a cost to taking the quizzes. The more you fail the higher the cost becomes. It also is expensive to take all the quizzes if you fail the more than once. The price can fluctuate but it can cost up to several hundred dollars to take them all if you fail each once or twice.

No School Solver is not a scam and no they are not trying to fail you. They want good tutors but they also need money to keep the site running. If your willing to put in a little investment of time and money then you can make alot of money yourself so its a win-win.

Who am I?

I used to be the number one tutor on School Solver. Over the course of 4 years I made approximately 95,000$. After that I got a more stable job. I have no ill will against School Solver and I understand why they added the costs to the quizzes and I think it is a smart move. But I'm smarter :)

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